"Our conversations invent us. Through our speech and our silence, we become smaller or larger selves. Through our speech and our silence, we diminish or enhance the other person, and we narrow or expand the possibilities between us. How we use our voice determines the quality of our relationships, who we are in the world, and what the world can be and might become. Clearly, a lot is at stake here."
Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Connection

Jennifer Abrams Consulting provides trainings, coaching, program design and consultative support to schools, hospitals and other organizations in the areas of instructional design, new employee support, supervision and evaluation, having hard conversations, generational savvy and the creation of collaborative cultures. Jennifer considers herself to be a "voice coach," helping others develop their identities and skill sets to best use their voices in a variety of professional environments.

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An Homage to ‘Learning Omnivores’ Everywhere

Jennifer Abrams

This past weekend a group of like-minded folks who call themselves the ‘Learning Omnivores’ will have met and learned together. I was blessed to be invited to this group a few years ago by one of the founders. It’s a group of folks from all over the USA who take time to co-learn face-to-face.

And they just made it up. The group created itself from nothing. One of the characteristics of the group - principals, district administrators, directors of educational research organizations, board members, non-profit heads, teacher leaders, consultants and others - that I find most fabulous is their resourcefulness. Educators who realized they wanted to learn with each other - so they made it happen in a way that worked for them. ...Read More

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