"Our conversations invent us. Through our speech and our silence, we become smaller or larger selves. Through our speech and our silence, we diminish or enhance the other person, and we narrow or expand the possibilities between us. How we use our voice determines the quality of our relationships, who we are in the world, and what the world can be and might become. Clearly, a lot is at stake here."
Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Connection

Jennifer Abrams Consulting provides trainings, coaching, program design and consultative support to schools, hospitals and other organizations in the areas of instructional design, new employee support, supervision and evaluation, having hard conversations, generational savvy and the creation of collaborative cultures. Jennifer considers herself to be a "voice coach," helping others develop their identities and skill sets to best use their voices in a variety of professional environments.

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Emaho! Amazing! Wonderous! Engaging with LIFE. In honor of Leonard Zunin

Jennifer Abrams

Len Zunin passed away this year.  I just recently went to his memorial and as all memorials do, this one again gave me pause.  I met Len Zunin at a California Association of Teachers of English conference decades ago.  He was sitting in on his wife’s workshop, “The Art of Condolence Letters and Shakespeare,” or something to that effect.  Hilary, an English teacher in Napa at the time, taught us real life condolence letter writing and combined it with Romeo and Juliet or with Hamlet or maybe it was with All Quiet on the Western Front.  I forget the literature pieces shared in the workshop.  What I do distinctly remember was the deep importance of learning how to write a condolence letter. Len and Hilary had just recently ...Read More

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